Sex is always fun. Although some men may not agree to it, do love sex. People argue that men love sex more as compared to women. However, that is something still debatable. One fact is that a man is turned on by what he sees. Even innocent men can be driven by a hot woman in a mini skirt. Reveal your sexy thighs and see the reaction of men.

You will never feel disappointed:


Come to bed with nothing below the waist. In this way, you will be teasing his imagination. Put on some sexy night wear, which reveals part of the waist and skin below. Let him see you from behind as he enjoys pleasure at the sight of your bum. A man will want to make love to you till all your upper clothes are off. This imagination will want him to come for more.

Lick your breasts

One tip to please him in bed is to have something for his eyes. Before the man touches you, turn him on by licking your boobs.ways to please your man in bed 1 This makes your man crave for more. In fact, this trick works always. After some time, invite your partner to suck and lick them as you continue touching other parts of your body. In a short time, you will make him go wild.

Give him blowjob

It is good to do this while kneeling down. In fact, nearly all men love blowjobs. Try one when he lies down, but it is better when you are on your knees. This position gives him a better position to see part of your bum and boobs. In addition, you can access most sensitive parts particularly below the balls and his penis. You will find it easy to the upper body from the penis.

Allow much body contact as possible
ways to please your man in bedYour man should feel the warmth of your skin. You will bring out sexual desire when your body is in contact. Try some sex positions where he gets the opportunity to touch your thighs and shoulders. Press your breasts against him. This works well when he is on top. In fact, physical contact is a sure way to please your man, and it increases fervor.

Funny positions
Although the doggie and missionary are good, these positions┬átake your game to another level.…

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