Given a chance to deliver a lecture about erotic massage to an audience, you’re likely to shy away because it has a sexual connotation. Also known as tantric or sensual massage, this isn’t a form of body, soul and mind relaxation technique to be ashamed of given its origins. Book a session of erotic massage at Pearl London knowing that the practice isn’t about immorality but a far greater course than it may appear to a person with the ordinary understanding of what the tantric is all about.

The emergence and health benefits

22bcksjkhjLondon is the birthplace of sensuous massage. The practice bloomed during the Victorian era. It stemmed from the search for treatments for medical complications at the time. People gotnaturally innovative and moved the practice to their bedrooms before it was brought forth into the public domain. The move occurred owing to public demand. People had become aware of the many benefits of erotic massage by noting that:

It marks the hallmark of self-awareness given that the massage technique requires you let go
of body-related inhabitations and insecurities.

It improves blood circulation

Eliminates impulses which curb sex-related issues such as premature ejaculation and low

It’s a powerful tool against stress and cardiovascular complications.

Besides normalizing your blood pressure, it promotes emotional healing and makes sexual
education fun and exciting to partake.

What’s in store?

If it’s his or her birthday and you can’t think of a perfect gift combination to give to him or her, look no further than Pearl London. Here, you will be granted the opportunity to choose the therapist to attend to your sensuous massage needs in a parlor with exquisite interior décor and exotic massage oils. In the hands of our tantric massage specialists, you will learn that there are various ways to prepare you for a wild and erotic tour around the world of pleasure.

Synchronize your breath pattern with that of the therapist as she guides you on how to either lay on your back or flat on your belly for a smooth, slippery and wet touch of the exotic oils and beauty extracts with natural aroma. Men, just like women, get choose from an array of massage techniques, depending on the experience that they would like to have in line
with what they tend to achieve at the end of the session.

Couples tantric massage

33jhkhdjhPoor love making breaks up relationships, and unfortunately, you can’t be at the peak of your bedroom stardom all through the years. Stress,
ailments or sheer age can string in low libido, leaving you and your partner in search of a new spark to rekindle the yester flames of your sensuous sex-life. Couple erotic massage at Pearl
London is molded to cradle you in the pot of ecstasy. Couple sessions can be attended by as many tantric massage instructors as you want.

A mixture of the sexes is allowed to help you attain heights of your sexual fantasies. Open your heart and mind to love and care, Pearl London style, for we all need some. Our massage practices are built on professionalism to deliver satisfaction at the best prices in town.


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