consIs it safe to use 2 condoms at one time?

This is a popular question when it comes to how condoms should be used. Using two condoms, also referred to as double-bagging a condom is a popular misconception among some people that it offers better prevention against pregnancy and STIs.

Using two condoms is not recommended because it increases friction making them more prone to tear or rip. In fact, it counterproductive to use two condoms; no any other birth control method is as successful at protecting you against sexually transmitted diseases as a condom.

Using two condoms can be looked at two different angles: the first way is by a person (whether a male or a female) wearing two condoms. The second angle is when both partners wear a condom. Whichever the case, only one condom should be used at a time. This means that if your partner has a condom, you should not wear a condom. In addition, one person should not wear more than one condom at a go.cons3

However, you should use the condom correctly. Research shows that condoms have 97% effectiveness rate; only three out hundred couples who consistently use condoms correctly for one year will have an unplanned pregnancy. It is good to know that when condoms fail, it is often human error rather than defects in condoms.

Incorrect use of condoms such as using two condoms at a time, failing to wear them correctly, and reusing condoms are among the major causes of a condom failure. If you are able to overcome these condom malpractices, they can offer the protection your need.

In addition, you can also adapt other birth control method, for example, a backup method of contraception such as spermicide. You can use other methods such as birth control pills or any other hormonal methods, or choose condoms with the diaphragm. There are many birth control methods available. It is good to discuss with your partner about the method to use.cons2There is enough evidence to support that a single condom is more effective than two condoms. Using two condoms at a time increase friction during sex increasing the likelihood of ripping or tearing during sex. Thus, it is just enough to use one condom as the method of birth control because they are 85% to 97% effective. They are not only effective in preventing pregnancy but also protect against STIs. Is it safe to use 2 condoms at one time? No.…

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