A93J4N Woman winking over man s shoulder head and shouldersAre you keen on getting the right answer to the question how to convince a girl to go to bed with you?

Then you must certainly read the new few lines and it is quite likely that you will be successful in getting your women to bed with you.

This is no mean achievement because women are hard to get even for a decent date and getting them on to your bed will without doubt be a tough challenge. Here are a few proven techniques that could be very useful and which has worked well on many occasions.

Win Her Confidence And Make Her At Ease

Women by nature are very circumspect and would never get into the comfort enzone easily. It takes lot of cajoling and coaxing to make this happen and this might take quite a few days and perhaps even months. Men need to find out ways and means by which they can win over the confidence of women. This can be done in quite a few ways by making her feel comfortable in your presence. Breaking the ice and bringing a sense of warmth is very important and you should seem to be genuine instead of being artificial.

Bring A Topic Which She Likes

When it comes to breaking the ice you would do well to broach a topic in which she is comfortable. Once you have been able to do this try to establish physical contact with her to find out her response to it. Small things like brushing your hands on hers and touching her on the shoulder are simple signs to show that you are interested in her. If she agrees to this and does not show any resistance, you can get closer to her both in physical proximity and also about the kind of discussions that you would like to have with her.

Touch Her At Right Placesbed4

If your girl is sexually interested small things like touches at the right place will arouse her and you will be able to see it quite well in her face, eyes and this should certainly help you to take the next bold step in asking her to spend the night with you in your bed. In eight out of ten cases it should work in your favor because you have been able to win her confidence and trust, made her feel at ease and aroused her to a point of no return. Hence the question how to convince a girl to go to bed with you may have been answered well.

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